Selling online in Myanmar – A long and slow process

Selling Online in Myanmar: The first wholesale market online in Myanmar

The first wholesale website in Myanmar, Kaymu, went online on 11th Aug, committed to provide specialized platform for shop owners in Myanmar and overseas to sell online. It is reported that this wholesale website is a part of its homonymic e-commerce website-Kaymu, which is a relatively large online e-commerce platform now. It had already attracted 30,000 users to visit during the first ten days and yet the number of native population is merely 60 million.

Kaymu offers a online platform for sellers and purchasers, just like Taobao in China. Buyers could place orders after creating accounts and pay on delivery to their own houses. While sellers distribute commodities with prices on the platform, ranked into different levels of credit and service according to the some certain standards. It is claimed by a manager working for Kaymu“There are more than a hundred thousand merchants selling online through Kaymu, five thousand out of whom come from Myanmar”He also noted that the majority of the visitors access to the site regularly.

The Stimulation and Limitation of Technology

The network speed in Myanmar is too low and unsteady to support the online business, let alone the mobile network business. What is more, Myanmar is upholding a quota system in terms of installing broadband network. Even though you have finished the installation, the cost of the network may be too expensive to use for ordinary citizens. In addition, the payment methods in Myanmar is COD (cash on delivery) instead of the convenient online payment, which tremendously impedes the development of selling online industry. The entry of Qatar Telecom Oredoo and Telenor stimulated the improvement concerning e-commerce industry, which benefits both sellers and customers. And now local government is strengthening the construction of telecom facilities and upgrading network service system to provide e-commerce with firm infrastructure.

Prospect of Selling Online in Myanmar

Generally speaking, the number of specialized shopping websites is nothing much that many merchants consider entering this field. General problems can be seen everywhere including lack of commodity category, insufficiency of visits and unfriendly user interface. Although its economy has been developing rapidly, the lagging in equipment and technology indeed restricts the further progress of selling online. Besides, the current road conditions fall behind seriously, which makes logistics system seize up. So selling online service appears to common only in three cities as follows: Rangoon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw.


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